How to Buy a Yacht
Your 5 point plan

One of the hardest Lesson most people learn when buy their first yacht is how much they got ripped off...

The second lesson is they did not really get the yacht or the equipment they thought they were getting or needed to achieve your dream.

If you want to sail across the Pacific Ocean a stripped out racing yacht is not the yacht you want but it is easy to be convinced that a light fast hull is the yacht for you if you don't have a plan and stick to that plan.

Yes the stripped out racing hull is fast and great if your a racing team who don't shower and only care about winning, but it is also noisy, hot as hell at anchor and with no shower you will be single very soon. 

You Need a Plan

That where we can help
our 5 point plan
How to Buy a boat
Will keep you on the right path

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