Weedy Sea Dragon

Where to find the amazing Weedy Sea Dragon. This image was taken in 6m of water on a shore dive.

Flinder Pier, Victoria

Flinder Pier, Victoria is located in the town of Flinders on the Mornington Peninsular, it is 30 minutes from Rye or Sorrento and about 1 hour from the Melbourne CBD. 

Looking from the vacinity of the dive entry platform looking back to the car park. There is parking on both sides of the pier. As you can see its a reasonable walk with your gear to the dive entry platform.

Dive entry platform

The dive entry platform is on the left hand side of the pier about 50m short of the end. Stair lead down to the water and the access is easy.

The day I went diving here last there was lots of wave action and it was still no challenge on the surface.

Once in the water submerge and follow the pillions to the end of the pier.

You will find plenty of people fishing most days and the Weedys are about 20m directly out from the end of the pier and exactly where they want to fish. Was not a challenge Just ignored them and collected waste fishing line for removal from the sea bed.

Be warned if it is rolly on the surface its going to be a little challenging on the bottom with some surge as it quite shallow, only about 6m.

How to find it

Where to Stay

I stayed in Sorrento we got a great deal at the Oceanic Sorrento a great little apartment only walking distance from town centre. There where more choices for great places to eat, try the Italian place down on the foreshore food was excellent. 

We also picked up some dive tanks from a dive shop in Rye so it seemed a logical place to base out of.

Sorrento is also a very photogenic town if you like taking portraits or the odd landscape, I would also recommend having a beer at the iconic Portsea pub after visiting Port Napean if you like a little history. Portsea was once the first port of call to people entering Victoria as a customs stop to prevent disease entering the colony. 

Sorrento foreshore only a short walk to the ferry terminal.

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