Visit the beautiful Lake Yeagarup and sand dunes

Lake Yeagarup and the Yeagarup Sand Dune is located within the Warren National Park about 30 minutes from Pemberton in Western Australia, to visit these areas located within National Parks you are required to have a national parks permit. A local permit cost's $10.00 per day or $20.00 for a annual permit, it is better value to purchase Western Australia National Parks permit for $80.00 for an annual permit.


We last visited Lake Yeagarup in July 2010 on our way to the Warren River for a spot of beach fishing. Our son Jack really enjoyed the beautiful lake and the boardwalk that leads out over the water. You will also find this a great spot for the kids to go fishing, Just be aware you will need a local South West fishing licence, these are about $40.00 per year.

You will also find a great camping area only a stones throw from the water, there is a small shelter that will provide protection from the elements.

The camp ground has a great open fire with a built in hot-plate, you will also find table and chair and loads of flat level places to pitch your tent.

With the large dune to the West and the large trees surronding the camp ground you will find plenty of protection from the wind for your tent.

The campground is family friendly with a clean and neat toilet block, these also have disabled access.

It is a beautiful location at Yeagarup lake and at only about 30 minutes from Pemberton or the beach a great family camp spot.

How to get there from Perth W.A

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Check out the massive sand dune

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Yeagarup Dune

Charmaine is standing looking West out over this massive sand dune toward the ocean, the dune stretches out into the distance for several kilometers.

You could spend the whole week just exploring the Yeagarup Sand Dune. There are also many areas that are off limits to vehicle traffic, this helps to ensures that the dune is preserved in its natural state as it slowly moves inland swollowing the forest and anything in its way.

Please ensure if you are going to drive on the dunes that you follow the driving rules and stay in the defined route. Please also carry enough recovery gear in case you get bogged, it's quite a walk to the nearest help.

I would recommend a Airbag Jack, a shovel and maybe sand mats if travelling alone. Better still travel with a mate, carry the above and a snatch-um strap recovery rope.

You will find demonstrations of how to use these on our recovery and how-to pages.

The dune drive is achievable in most soft offroader SUV's, you will need to ensure you let down you tyres to around 15 PSI. The hardest part of the sand dunes is the approach ramp up onto the first dune from the access road, it is a boggy sandy track.

I would advise you to go straight ahead and then veer to the right before to tackle main dune this will allow you to maintain enough momentum to reach the top. If you can make it up the first dune there is only one more difficult dune about half way to the coast.

Warren River Western Australia

Warren River Coast

On the dunes on the way to the coast

A photo from the second hardest dune on the way to the Warren River Coast.

I would recommend sending a (adult) guide to the top of this dune before trying it, there is a significant blind spot at the top, you would not want to a head on with another vehicle at speed.

You will find that during school holidays and weekends it can get quite busy. I would also fly a tall flag on the front of your vehicle.

To help prevent accidents I drive with my windows down and the radio turned off. This helps me hear speeding dick-heads before they can run into me.

If I hear speeding vehicles I sound my horn before every corner and ensure my lights are turned on, this has worked so far in keeping my family safe on sandy tracks with blind corners.

You will need speed and momentum to get up this massive sand dune, we visited the Warren River just after the school holidays and the track was quite chopped up. We needed to have three attempts to make it over the top in our Kia Sorrento a stock standard 3.8L V6 with Auto trans. This is Mums taxi during the week it's good off road, I would only add after market suspension to improve the ride.

This said if you take it easy and plan your route, your stock standard factory vehicle will always get there and back safely.

Anything lower (less ground clearance) than a mid sized 4WD, I would recommend you travel with a mate to ensure you can get in and out safely. You'll be amazed where I have taken some Subaru Foresters and other vehicles with minimal clearance.

Outback Jack and Mum Fishing in the Warren River

Outback Jack and Mum (Charmaine) standing by the Warren River trying our hand at a spot of fishing. This is Jack favourite hobby.

We found the sand firm enough for Jack to use his wheel chair.

The river is also suitable for a canoe, "we would have photo's but we where to busy fishing". "Next time I'll remember the camera".

Jack and Charmaine fishing at the Warren River, Western Australia

Places to stay nearby if your not camping

The Karri Valley Resort is a great option for the kids and Adults alike. Loads to do plenty of room to run around and burn energy. We have stayed there several times and will again.

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