Tree Top Walk

Valley of the giants

Follow us to the tree tops

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk is a unique Western Australian attraction. This enables all visitors, even those confined to a wheelchair to experience the suspended walk which is approximately 600m long.

The Tree Top Walk winds it’s way through the beautiful rainforest tree top canopy. Our family and I'm sure your's will also experience the incredible sensory experience of being suspended high above the forest floor.

treetop walk

The ramp leading up to the tree top walk starts at the visitor centre, the kids will slowly emerge from the rainforest floor and onto the strong steel trussed tree walk. The walking ramp is wide enough for wheelchairs and your baby’s pram.

treetop walk

The kids will really enjoy the experience as you leave the ground and continue on your journey through the trees and into the upper reaches of the rainforest.

As you find yourself high in the trees you and your family will experience a unique, amazing view of tree top flora and birds at the top of the rainforest.

Disabled Access

The Tree Top Walk is suitable for manual and most electric wheelchairs. The steel walkway is approximately 600 m long, and the walk is about a 1.9 km round trip, this walk takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

There are some moderately steep sections so you will need strong arms or an assistant to help push you up to the top of the trees and good brakes for coming down the ramp.

The Tree Top Walk will provide an amazing sensory experience to all visitors and of all ages and levels of mobility. This is a unique experience at all times of the year. Just be prepared for the weather, it can get cold and wet.

What is the Tree Top Walk made of

The canopy walkway is designed to have minimal impact on the forest floor and environment. The 600 m long steel section is divided into many lightweight trusses ranging in length from 20 m to 40 m, supported by 12 towers.

The Spiral Stair case stands at a breath taking height of 45 m, and the walkway sways gently in the tree canopy offering spectacular views.

This is a sensory experience that will have your senses working overdrive as you walk thru the trees tops.

How to Find The

Tree Top Walk

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