Tragic Towing Accident

A 29-year-old mother has been killed in a freak accident near Western Australia's mid-west town of Geralton.

Police say the woman was sitting in the passenger seat of the car with her partner, her partner who was attempting to tow a friend's car out.

The rope was attached to the tow ball, the tow ball broke off under load and flew through the front window of the car, striking the woman in the throat.

She died soon after arriving at Geraldton Regional Hospital.

Our prayers go out to the family.

Towing and Recovery Techniques

One of the most common methods of recovery is towing another vehicle from a sandy bog.

It's important to identify your recovery points front and rear and where they are located on your vehicle. This is particularly important on many of our modern Soft offroaders and light SUV's.

You may even find many of the modern SUV's do not have recovery points. If this is the case you may find yourself in a bog and this could become complex and even dangerous to recover your vehicle.

Lets face it most of our SUV's even soft offroaders are perfect for the beach. This is right up to the moment you get bogged.

Most 4WD and recovery techniques trainers will advise that you do not use your tow ball or tow hitch when conducting recovery of another vehicle. You should instead use deadicated recovery points as advised by the manufacturer and listed in the vehicle manual.

Aftermarket Recovery Points

recovery point for vehicle

If your vehicle does not have these recovery points fitted or if they have been removed when the tow bar was fitted. I would advise that you purchase and fit after market recovery points for an aftermarket 4WD equipment shop.

These are quite simple to fit by following the instructions or simply have your local auto shop fit them for you.

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