Australia is such an amazing country to travel around, there are so many great adventures to be found.

All you need is time,  a plan of where to go and some skills to get you there. A little bit of outback knowledge will also help, and thats where we’ll help you.

There is a huge amount of valuable information in this website, you will also find some very useful free downloadable how to guides. The one thing we can't provide you is a spirit of adventure, you either have that desire to see and explore this vast land or you don't. Many people have the deep burning desire, but not the the knowledge.

This website contains information for those that are willing to travel to places most will never see. The most important element on your Aussie travel adventure, your spirit of adventure, to get outback and have some fun, enjoy life, see amazing places, takes great photos, meet interesting people. Just live life.

YOU have the Spirit to travel and we have some great Adventures waiting for you


Here at Outback Australian Adventures and Travel it is our job to provide you with the best reference guides for that exciting Aussie outback adventure. Travel the outback with confidence knowing we are only a web click away.

Think of us as your outback mate, providing ideas on where to go, how to get there, what planning you need to consider and how to prepare your car and trailer. We also provide plenty of outback training tips in our 4WD self help guides. You’ll never be stuck for ideas on how to prepare for and recover your vehicle, should things go wrong.

These guides are provided in PDF and video format. Learn how to replace trailer bearings on the middle of the Gunbarrel Highway or better still prepare for the trip and not need to. After watching our videos on how to prepare and maintain your trailer and then download a copy of the easy to follow step by step videos saved to your hard drive for future reference.

Even the simple things like preparing your car for a safe family weekend away, we take nothing for granted not everybody grew up on a farm in the outback. Most outback adventurers are born and bred city folk, lets face it that’s where most of us work, most of the time.

Don’t let this stop you and the family enjoying the great Australian Outback or one of many beautiful beach location miles from anywhere or anybody.

What about Mums truck (the modern all wheel drive or crossover) with so many Dads away working up north and overseas. It's often left upto mum to organise the family holiday, are you feedup with the expensives resorts and the same old holidays, why not be bold. Plan your own family adventure holiday.

How do you prepare for and take the kids away safety and without loosing all your hair to stress. The mum and kids family adventure is only a few videos away, it’s all in the 3 P’s plan, preparation and practice. Rest assured there are so many tips on how to have and prepare for a safe and enjoyable family adventure you will relax and enjoy the whole experience. Lets not forget your outback mate stored in the laptop for when things get tuff. From how to check the oil in your vehicle and change a tyre to picking a camp site and lighting a fire for that Damper recipe the kids want to make.

The 4 wheel drive, most people today drive an all wheel drive 4WD or soft off roader, these come in many shapes and sizes and let’s not forget cost. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a $5000.00 Subaru forester or a $100,000.00 BMW X5 you’ll generally have the same limitations and concerns regardless of cost. The vehicle ground clearance, tyres, motor and driveline, and lets not forget storageWe provide plenty of planning tools on how to prepare your vehicle, what to take and even where to go.

Your family holiday focus should be on enjoyable outback adventure travel for the whole family, if you spend the whole week digging your 4wd out of sandy bogs when you should have been fishing, camping or rock climbing. You will not enjoy your time away and more importantly nor will the little ones, if you have them on the trip either.

Plan your trip and enjoy your plan. There’s also a whole section on what to take and more importantly what not to take. An overloaded vehicle is dangerous, they use more fuel and your 4WD gets bogged more easily and more often.


There’s a whole section on how to drive in different condition, what to consider, and the most important thing when to get out and walk the track ahead. This single aspect has prevented me from getting bogged for years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boggy muddy track, deep sand ruts or driving in snow and ice a little prevention and preparation is all you need.  The right gear for the right job. We’ll discuss this in great depth in out 4WD recover section. You don’t need all that expensive recovery gear unless your travel adventures are listed as Extreme 4wd. For most adventure weekends and adventure holidays, a small amount of suitable equipment and sound preparation will get you there and back safely.

I’m often asked about disabled access 4WD adventures. Having a disability will not stop you or your family enjoying the outback.  There are plenty of adventures out there for everyone, of course there are limitations on where you can go, and how you might get there but mainly those limitations are in the mind of others. I have seen some of the most adventurous people I’ve ever met strapped into a wheel chair, these chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with massive fat wheels or cut down ski’s and others have been further improvised with technology developed from motorised off-road chairs.

No one said it’s going to be easy, and thats why god gave us a brain to improvise and find other solutions. One of my favourite activities to do with my own disabled son is fishing in our big red canoe. I added a supportive seat for him and an electric motor for me so that I could concentrate on helping him catch the illusive big fish.

Having travelled and lived all over Australia. We now live in Western Australia, we include adventures suitable for a wheel chair adventurer who loves fishing and canoeing. Sandy tracks are our challenge and a pain in the butt as the wheels get bogged, but these days our Australian national Parks and camp areas are better suited for access to all, This includes wheelchair access. There are even tree top walks suitable for wheel chairs, my son and other kids just love it.

You will find plenty of information on adventure travel tours and camping around Australia on a budget. Cheap Travel tips on flying around Australia, taking a train, or catching a bus without breaking your budget and the best method in my opinion driving this great land. DOWNLOAD - The Outback Australia Cheap Travel Guide

Learn how to select a suitable vehicle, how much to pay and what to look for so that you don’t buy a worn out lemon. Once you’ve decided how to get around, now decide where to go and how long to stay. There are so many amazing locations, depending on how much time you have, this will also limit how many places you can visit.


- Our favourite selection of adventure holiday locations for the adventurous.

The Best 100 places you just must visit, these are divided by state and region.
There are also plenty of short side trips.
We also include the Outback Australia Cheap Travel Guide.

To travel around Australia you are also going to need some equipment, too often people purchase all this expensive flash new equipment just because some salesman convinced them it was essential. Read our gear guide, buy only the gear you need. Don’t spend money on expensive equipment and gear you’ll never use. Also consider the money you'll save on fuel not carrying an extra 100-500kg of stuff you don’t use. A light vehicle means less wear and tear, less fuel consumed and not getting bogged.

Download - Outback Travel Adventure Gear guide for you and your vehicle.

Cheap accommodation, Cheap flights, Cheap hire cars, cheap food, Cheap national parks access and many other money saving ideas to help your hard earned money go a lot further. You’ll find extensive guides to caravan parks and camp grounds, there are also thousands of Free places to camp, some are located along the most beautiful rivers and oceans in the world. Just be careful up north as you may need to share you camp ground with one of our very friendly crocodiles, they are just a little misunderstood. We explain how to safely camp and explore the outback whilst living in the bush. The  guide to Australian Dangerous Animals. Read this guide and ensure you follow our tips section on how not to get eaten, remember you are part of the food cycle up in croc country. It’s all about boundaries and respect.
Download - Australian Dangerous Animals

We love to include a spot of fishing on our outback adventures, there’s nothing like a freshly caught fish for dinner after a great day exploring our beautiful country. There is nothing better than dipping a line in the water waiting for dinner to bite as whilst kicking back and having a cold beer at the end of another amazing day on your adventure. Fishing tips from the worlds worst fisherman.


Outback Survival, its all in the mind. You can survive any situation anywhere in the world with the right mental approach. You'll also need a  few survival tips on what to do, with over 20 years teaching and using Outback Australian Survival Techniques, we have plenty of interesting tips on how to find real tasty bush tucker, find water in the middle of the desert and even how to make fire with several proven easy methods, the kids will love this. Watch our videos do a little practice and when they're are not looking.

Instant guru make a real fuss about lighting a fire, get the kids around,  find some well placed sticks and a little tinder in the bush ready for you to find. Then go to work, work up a sweat. Next thing you know you'll have “You have Fire,” when you’ve lit a fire just using just sticks.  You can do anything, you can survive the outback.

Just make sure the kids or your mates are filming your fire-making, you might as well get some leverage from that new found skill.

We are mad keen rock climbers who now have families, you’ll find plenty of adventures that include abseiling for the family, rock climbing for the family and those places only suitable for the older crew, Included is our Classic Climbs Australia Guide with plenty of video. There are very few climbing venues (crags) places we haven’t visited in Australia, if it’s vertical, been there for a look and a scramble.

Australia has a vast ski are the size of Switzerland. There are some amazing places that are so easy to visit on skis. Try an Australia Outback skiing (Nordic touring style) Adventure also dicussed is snow shoe adventures for the whole family, snowshoeing is easy to learn and master. Next time your you go up to the mountains consider some back country adventures, you can be less than 5 km from the ski resorts and not see a single person all week. Take the family up to the mountains for a cheap holiday why not try some back country snowshoeing.  We have over 20 years experience skiing and trekking the Australian High Country, you’ll find plenty of ski adventure tips, places to go, how to guides including how to build a snow cave or put up a tent in the snow. We also have videos and ice climbing tips and techniques and there are (lots) of video and photos on climbing around Australia and the world, Alaska, Russia, Norway just to mention a few.

This site will provide you with the answers and tips that you need to have that enjoyable outback adventure safely, enjoy Australia. We Do.

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