Serpentine Falls

serpentine falls Perth W.A

If you are looking for a fun and wheel chair friendly family adventure close to Perth then Serpentine Falls may be a location you should add to your weekend adventure list.

Serpentine Falls is located within the Serpentine Falls National Park. The fall is a great location to take the family for a picnic or day trip or just for a swim on a hot day.


Disabled Access

You will find a well kept picnic ground set in easy access surroundings. The falls are located about 200 - 400m from the picnic grounds depending on where you park.

The falls car park that is closer to the falls is suitable for disabled access. You will find a flat easy path leading down to the Serpentine Falls viewing platform.


The viewing platform is a safe place for young children to view the falls and if you would like to go for a swim I recommend the you swim in the top water hole in front of the falls. There are dangers associated with swimming there so please read the safety signs at the sight and be careful with the nippers.


You will find several bush walks that start near the picnic grounds. • Kitty's Gorge Walk follows the Gooralong Brook, this Brook feeds the falls.

• Baldwin's Bluff Nature Trail takes you to the top of the Falls escarpment where you will be greeted with truly spectacular views of the falls and the coastal plains. You will also be able to see out over Mandurah, Rockingham and toward the Perth Skyline.

How To Get There

Serpentine Falls, located in the Serpentine Falls National Park. This is a short drive from the town of Serpentine its about 1 hours drive from Perth CBD.

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When Is The Falls Open

The Serpentine Falls National Park is open from 08.30am to 5.00pm daily, entry fee is approx $11.00 or free if you already have a National Parks Pass.

Places to Stay in the
Perth Hills

Do you really need to drive all the way down South for a weekend adventure.

Perth Hills has loads of places to visit and explore.

Save yourself a drive and stay overnight in the hills, I have often stayed overnight when climbing a churchmans Brook just of of Armadale.

It is hard to beat the deals and range of accommodation, you will also find a good range a less abled access accommodation.

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