Our Yacht Tin Tin

Our Yacht Tin Tin moored at Cape Jaffa, South Australia

Tin Tin our Yacht is built tuff to survive the harshest conditions.

I have been asked so many times who built your yacht and what is it made from.

I consider Tin Tin a yacht built as a timeless classic from a time when yachts where built to last several lifetimes and built to sail around the world, that is exactly what the owners of Tin Tin have done.

Tin Tin was built and purchased in Holland and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean down the Americas and then across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.

She spent some time in Sydney competing in yacht races and dodging ferries before being purchased by Peter a Engineer and being sailed across the Top End of Australia and then down the West Coast of Australia to sunny Perth. Tin Tin spent many year moored in the Royal Perth Yacht Club and sailed by Peter. 

When we found Tin Tin she or he was called Heartbeat but inside that weathered and hardy yacht we found the spirit of a young boy eager to escape the confines of Perth and sail the world. I knew within a minute of stepping aboard I would buy Tin Tin, there was an energy waiting to explode to explore to sail hard in gale force winds, to fight mighty seas, to be beaten down for days on end but to never give up. I felt as though Tin Tin glowed at night with that energy, I know I was the only person who felt that, as heartbeat had sat there for years on that mooring with a for sale sign but not ready to be sold. Tin Tin was waiting for adventure, waiting for me, I had purchased Tin Tin long before I made any offers. Tin Tin a small ship built to sail through the Southern Ocean and across the Pacific Ocean.

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