Margaret River Western Australia

The Margaret River Hotel a great place for a quite beer

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The town of Margaret River is located in the south west of Western Australia around 280 kilometres south of Perth.

It is named after a river which begins about 45 kilometres to the east and the whole of the surrounding region is referred to as the Margaret River region.

The region has a perfect Mediterranean maritime climate and is a wonderful holiday destination famous for its wine, surf, and caves.

There are four distinct seasons with something to offer at every time of year. From August to November the area abounds with thousands of wildflowers that attract eco-tourists eager to see the rich colours and wide variety of blooms.

The Margaret River region is probably most well-known for its wines, although it is only forty years since the first vines were planted there.

There are around 200 vineyards and 90 wineries in the region which produce more than 20 per cent of Australia’s premium wines, although the wine only contributes 3 per cent of Australia’s total grape production.

Many of the wineries have restaurants attached where you can have a gourmet experience combining superb wines with the local culinary offerings.

The stunning coastline of the region has clean large waves that attract surfers from all over the world during the summer months, and the Margaret River Classic and the Margaret River Pro, a four-star World Qualifying Series event, are held annually.

There are over 130 kilometres of surfing beaches where you can be guaranteed a wave to yourself for a quite morning surf. For those who prefer a quiet ocean dip, there is a great mix of fishing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving at Hamelin Bay, which is also perfect for the avid sunbather and only 40 minutes from the township.

Margaret River has several hundred caves, and six of them are open to the public. The most famous is the multi-chambered Mammoth Cave, 21 kilometres south, which contains fossils over 35,000 years old. The other caves open to the public are Jewel Cave, Lake Cave, Ngilgi Cave, Calgardup Cave and Giants Cave. Many other caves can be accessed by experienced cavers with a permit.

Margaret River lends itself to a self-drive family holiday as it has plenty of attractions spread over a fairly wide area where you can escape the hectic life of the city. Take a few days to explore the magnificent beaches, the top quality wineries, the great forests and the stunning caves. The region has something for everyone and you will be glad you visited.

Great places to stay

Augusta W.A

Augusta W.A 40 minutes South of Margaret River. If I'm honest I prefer Augusta. Its still a sleepy farming and fishing town a short drive from Margets. No crowds, easy to park. Great safe fishing for the kids in the river.

The best kept secret in the region

Augusta W.A

The Best Places to Stay in Augusta

The Wrenwood Chalets is a nice place for a few days of if your just over nighting try the pub, taxi can be a challenge to find when its time to leave the pub.

The Flinders Caravan parks is also great if your camping or with a van. Kids love feeding the Rays in the shallows of an evening. Dont catch them you wont make it out of town alive.

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