Mandurah Sailing

Mandurah is approximately 60 kms South of Perth or about a 1 hour drive. Mandurah is located on a semi protected small bay with a river entrance to the Peel inlet.

If you want to go to Mandurah for sailing you will find the following helpful.

The river entrance leads up to the city of Mandurah township. 500m from the river entrance on your left you will find the two keel boat marina's.

One marina is a public Department of Transport Marina and the other is the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club.

Both marinas offer secure safe marinas for motor boats and sailing vessels with a keel not deeper than 2.5m.

Mandurah also offers a good mix of both types of craft. Your vessel will be protected from severe winter storms. 

The Marina area also offers fuel bowsers and a heavy boat and yacht haul-out with service area.

Mandurah Offshore
Fishing and Sailing Club

The Mandurah offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (MOFSC) offers loads of water based activities at the club, including disabled assisted sailing. I love seeing the kids sailing arounds the small club bay with a huge grin.

The club also offers world class sailing, offshore fishing and watersports as well as easy access to the Harvey Estuary, Peel inlet, Serpentine and Murray Rivers.

The club has about 220 bay floating berths in the marina with 200m visitor Jetty, guests can stop in and visit. The Club House features a very social Marina Bar, a Sundowner Lounge and a la carte restaurant.

The Club welcomes new members and guests. They host a rangeof events so don’t moor to close to the club house and make sure you checkout upcoming events. With stunning views of the ocean and great views across the marina it’s a great place for a feed.

How To Get There

Driving from Perth to Mandurah is very straight forward, best choice is down the freeway. Your other option is using the old coast rd.

The Marina Check it Out

Google Earth is a great tool to checkout location you want to visit, Google is updated at least every year. I use it to find fuel bowsers and visitors docks.

You will find the visitor dock, the 1st Left on entering the main marina. Tie upto the jetty on the right or raft up if busy. During school holidays the bigger motor boats try to dominate the jetty. They really don't get rafting up. Some struggle just to tie up.

The main marina entrance is a little shallow at about 2m. Try to enter on a raising tide.

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