Ice Climbing Australia

Blue Lake Australia

It’s winter in Australia and time for some unique winter outback adventures. Forget being covered in fine red dust and flies, now is the time to strap on your skis and visit the vast area of our alpine parks that is covered in snow and ice.

In the Australian winter you’ll be able to easily explore the outback country in the Australian Alpine Mountains. You can either try skiing or snow shoeing, this can be a huge amount of fun for the whole family you can even strap the nippers into a Kids sled and tow them behind you.

The great thing about snow shoes it take almost no time to learn, just put one foot in front of the other and you are on your way and yes SNOW Shoeing it really is very easy and they are cheap to hire.

How about ice climbing for the more adventurous, if you have tried rock climbing or trekked up the odd mountain then ice climbing is the winter sport for you and provides the skills you’ll need to be a true mountaineer one day. Australia has plenty of Ice to practice on, why fly overseas when only 5km from our highest ski resort you will find good ice and plenty of places to camp our stay in a resort and ski out every day.

Moly from AMS Guides can provide all the training you'll ever need to start your mountain climbing adventures. 

For more infomation on Australian Basic Mountaineering Course visit the

AMS GUIDES website

Top rope ice climbing

Ice climbing at Blue Lake

Where is Blue Lake in NSW

We have a fantastic SNOW and ICE climbing location called Blue Lake only about 5km from Charlottes Pass

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Your winter climbing adventure will take place in the SNOW CLAD peaks of The Kosciuszko National Park.

This outback region of the high country contains the highest mountain summits in the Australian Alps and contains an impressive number of high quality rock, snow and ice climbs of all grades and styles.

camping in the snow

Places to stay near Blue Lake

In Australia you will find low altitude mountains (No need to worry about Altitude Sickness) you will also find stable weather conditions most of the time.

You will also find easy access to Blue Lake Ice Climbing Area. it is only 5km from the local town ship of Charlottes Pass and about 20km from Perisher ski resort. All of these features enable the aspiring alpinist or mountaineer a huge number of a winter climbing experiences and ski touring adventures.

You can even ski back to Charlottes Pass for a hot pie and cold beer.

Try Ski camping near to Blue Lake just make sure the ice is thick enough before you ski out on it. 

NSW Parks would prefer you do not camp near the lake this is one of Australia pristine water ways.

local ski resorts

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