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Esperance the Town

Esperance is located on the southern coast of Western Australia, it is 720km from Perth and is part of Australia’s Golden Outback. Esperance is a very busy port town with some of the best coastal scenery in Western Australia.

Tourism is the second major industry in town and the reason for our visit. You will find beautiful secluded beaches, the National Parks and the many rocky islands within the Archipelago will provide you with many family locations to explore.

Esperance is still very much a country town and has that relaxed easy going feel. Esperance is surrounded by beautiful beaches and many are named after early French navigators.

History of Esperance

The French influence. In 1792 D Entrecasteaux the early French explorer used Esperance Bay for shelter and reprovisioning during a holdover sheltering from heavy weather. The town is named after his vessel.

The first white settlers moved overland from Perth, in about 1863. The town steadily grew with the development of communications and the overland telegraph in 1876

Esperance developed as a gateway town to provision the miners in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie supporting the gold rush in the 1890’s.

The modern Esperance today is a town supported by farming, tourism, fishing and forestry. The port area still has that old world feel and is has many family friendly areas for the kids, it is clean town with well maintained safe streets.

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