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Jack and Tigar camping on his swag

Jack and Tigar relaxing on his swag in Billy Goat Bay W.A


Campingmeans one thing to me, sleeping under the stars with a thin sheet ofcanvas or these days nylon separating me from the elements
I love waking up early in the morning just as the sun cracks thehorizon, it's a great time of the day. Put a new log on the fire, getsome hot coals and start cooking breakfast.

I will try to detail enough information regarding camping tents and otherequipment to keep you dry and comfortable.


What do you or your family need, select a suitable camping tent. Thereare many types of tents that are suitable for camping.

How do you choose the correct tent?

You need to Answer several questions to ensure you pick the correct tent.He's how we can help.

Importantthings to know and look out for when buying a tent

  • How many people
  • What type of camping
  • Weather conditions

How many people
How many people will be sleeping in the tent? Do you need a 2-man tentor a family canvas cabin. Make sure you inspect your tent. My Macpac 2man ski touring tent really only has enough room for me and all mygear, add another person and it's cosy, very cosy, too bloody cosy. Mywife recently kicked me out of our tiny tent into the rain, I'm justglad my swag beads the rain. For some people comfort is all that's important,select a tent size that meets your expectations. The larger familytents are great for kicking back in.
The other family camping tent is the Camper Trailer. There's so much information on Camper trailers follow the link to get some great buying tip's and handy hints.

camper trailer

camping tent

What type of camping
You'll need to define what you need and what to do? There are 4 typesof camping:

Hardcore: minimalist superlightweight, only uses a bivybag or maybe a nylon fly or Army nylonhotchie for protection from the rain, all the equipment should weightless than 10kg. Including food for 5 days.
Hiking: will consider theweight and size of tent but comfort is a consideration. Sleek small,light tent. Macpac, or North face. Also suitable for mountain bikeadventure.
Touring: camping frequencyevery night pitching and striking the tent, ease of erecting the tentand packing it away, a big consideration. a fast erect black wolf, orspring tent would be suitable.
Family camping: stay in oneplace and one campsite for several days to a week, overall comfort is arequirement, room to spread out especially during crapping weather.Large family cabin tent.

Tents for all Conditions

Weather conditions
Tents are designed to meet certain weather conditions. What you pay for iswhat you get in the world of tents. If your planning to go back countryskiing across the high country or in the mountains you had better have the correct equipment and that includes your tent.

Northface tents camping

I've been snowed in for a week with several meters of snow falling overthe course of just one day. If I had been using a cheap tent it would have been destroyed.

I only use 4 season tents such as the Macpac or North face in snow country. Could you imagine the kids using these tentsat your favorite beach camp site, no not really. They are too small andgenerally don't have enough ventilation for summer conditions. This is when you want a large airy family tent.

Cabin Tents or Family Camping Tents

Large family Camping tent, cabin tents

Roof Top Tents for Your SUV

roof top tent, cartop tent,

What Tent is Right For You

What the market class's tents as:

  1. Season Tent. Summer lightweight, mesh and lightweightmaterial, good ventilation is important. your cheaper Kmart styletents, often suitable for a family camping tent adventure.
  2. The same tent only more robust in construction. This would be agood option in warmer parts of Australia during winter or the dryseason. Something like your (Coleman domes).
  3. Season Tent. Summer, Autumn, Spring. Generally a good qualitytent with an inner and outer or tradition canvas. Again the Colemanmake good tents in this range $300.00 and up.
  4. Season Tent. Foul weather and mountain country skiing adventures.Wilderness Equipment, Macpac and North face.
  5. Season Expedition, Mountaineering Tent. Made to order, can alsobe super lightweight single skin given the conditions in the mountains,Ian at Wilderness Equipment do tents made to order. You are going topay for the privilege.

Your requirementsfor selecting a tent.
What type of tent you need.
Suitable for what? Season tent.
Your Budget or Tent sales.

Set your budget,and lets start shopping for family camping tents, cabin tents and camping tentes, even checkout online tent sale

Places to Buy your Tent and Find Great Tent Sales

Tent Buying Tips:
Lets start at E bay and other discount shopping and auction sites. Inever used to buy anything on the net but I now buy loads of equipment,I do however take some precautions. I use AMEX or a second VISA cardthat only has a limited amount of money on it, that said I've never hada problem. I find most sellers are just good people trying to run abusiness.

You can also visit the store in person and negotiate a discount, takeyour printout of the web store and see if they'll match it, you'llalways get 10% off.

If you have settled on a brand of tent that you must have, but justcan't find the money, try buying second hand. I often pickup some greatbargains from the weekend paper or trading post. This is also a greatway to pickup the other items you'll need for a bargain.

You can also hire camping equipment.

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