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For me there isonly one choice in camping trailer, "aLight Weight Camper Trailer" I believe in being light and agilewhen traveling in the outback. There has been a huge amount ofdevelopment in the on-road and off-road camper trailer market inAustralia. Some camping trailers are nothing more than just a basic boxtrailer with a tent and a stove. You will find most light weightcamping trailers are designed to open out or wind up and you will findseveral other combination's to meet different family or environmentalneeds whilst providing a dry comfortable camping space. Light weightcamping trailers start in price from about $4000 for a basic on-roadcamping trailer and around $7000 for a off-road camping trailer.

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Popup Camper Trailers and Folding Camper Trailers

You will alsofind another type of camping trailer "the it has everything off-road"fully optioned rugged off road camper trailer. These campers range fromsuper light weight 500kg to 2000kg big camping rigs that have haveevery extra you can imagine. The fully optioned off road camper trailerstart at $25,000 and you will find some for more than $50,000 for aluxury camper.

You will needto establish if you are going to buy or hire a camper depending on yourneeds and intended family travel. It is often better to hire a campertrailer prior to purchasing one, my advice would be to try as manydifferent models on short family holidays prior to your purchase shouldyou intend to buy one. There is no better way to define yourrequirements, than try before you buy.This simple exercise will also ensure you are getting "value for money". .

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Spend some time researching which is the correct camper trailer for you, there are manymanufacturers in Australia but be warned there are also many cheapcamper trailer imported from China and other countries some of theseare being sold as made in Australia when in fact they are only puttogether in Australia. You need to ensure your camper trailer is builtfrom quality steel and component a good camping trailer should usegalvanized steel framing and galvanized or stainless steel parts. The marketfor camping trailers is innovative in design and competitive on price.This will allow you to buy a quality camping trailer at a good price ifyou do some research and are prepared to negotiate, you may even findthat you will buy a similar camping trailer for several thousanddollars cheaper in some areas of Australia as I did once I started myresearch. Let us help you define which is the correct camping trailerfor you and your family

Wehave developed a camping trailer buyers checklist

Thefirst step is working out what you want your camper to do, and what youwant todo with it.

  1. Where doyou want to travel to?

  2. How manybeds and what configuration?

  3. Do you wantto go off road with it?

  4. What features do you require?

  5. Fullkitchen inside or outside?

  6. Do you needa fridge on board or is a e sky suitable?

  7. 12 voltbattery powerfor lights?

  8. Will youneed deep cycle batteries and Solar panels

  9. Do yourequire a hard or canvas floor?

  10. Do you needwater tanks or water jerries?

  11. Do you needan off road coupling suitable for 4WD rugged driving or a standardball coupling?

  12. DO you needto carry extra food for extended trips away in outback locations?

  13. Do you needto carry a boat or bikes on the camper?

  14. Will you be camping onan extendedtrip that will require many set ups and pack ups?
  15. Will you just be using the campertrailer for an annual 2 week family trip with only one set up?

  16. Do you need to cater for therequirements of a less abled or wheel chair bound child or adult?

  17. The mostimportant question? How much do you have or wish or to spend

Wehave started your list, I'm sure you'll find many more questions thatneed to be answered prior to purchasing the correct camper trailer foryour family.

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