Fixing Subaru Tyre

A comprehensive tool kit should be carried in your SUV, this tool kit should be suited to your vehicle and the spares carried need to fit your vehicle. Listed below is our recomendation for a basic tool kit to get you started.


Screwdriver, 200 mm

Screwdriver, Phillips

Pliers, general purpose

Pliers, long nose

Spanner, adjustable 200 mm

Tyre pressure gauge

Set metric spanners

Set metric sockets

Small hammer

Hacksaw and blades

Puncture repair outfit

Spark plug socket *

Set of radiator and heater hoses

Tyre pump, hand or foot operated

Condenser *

Coil *


Can of aerosol de-wetting agent

Brake fluid, 500 ml

Engine oil, 5L

Gear oil, 500 ml

Trouble light

Araldite epoxy glue

Screwdriver, 200 mm

Oil Filter

Insulating tape, roll

Alligator clips, electrical

Electrical wire, roll 3 mm

Tyre levers

Wheel brace

Feeler gauges, set

Fan belt

Power steering belt

Contact points, set *

Spark plugs, set

Jumper leads

Grease, 500 gms

Epoxy resin

Fuel filter

Masking tape

Rubber vulcanising tape

Plastic tubing, 8 mm

Paint brush


Note: * Indicates Diesel vehicles do not require these items.

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