SUV 4WD checklist

The following items on your SUV should be checked at the end of each day. This procedure should be conducted as part of your everyday routine to prevent your SUV or vehicle from having a breakdown and should never be neglected. Few city dwellers ever check their vehicle, some only ever check their vehicle when refuelling, most never check it at all.

This is a great advertisement for modern vehicle reliability in an urban city environment.

You need to consider If you don’t check your vehicle every day and practice sound prevention in the outback you might Die. The following checklist will give you a starting point:

1. Check engine drive belts.

2. Check engine oil and coolant levels

3. Check fuel filter [if possible]

4. Clean air cleaner and radiator fins

5. Check brake, clutch and power steering fluid levels

6. Check engine for oil and coolant leaks

7. Check engine, transmission and differential for oil leaks

8. Check all steering rods and joints for wear and cracking

9. Check all tyres for pressure and damage

10. Check battery levels

11. Check Roo bars and tow bar assemblies and tighten mounting bolts

12. Check Roof Rack and tighten bolts, look for cracks

13. Check chassis rails for cracks and tighten all mounting bolts, etc.