SUV Survival Guide

for Outback Australia

SUV Outback Guide

How do you Survive in the Australian Outback

Survival is best defined as simply staying alive. Generally speaking survival in the outback is a day to day proposition.

The SUV Survival Guide will assist you to fully prepare your SUV or 4WD to take your family into the outback and enjoy you outback holiday adventure.

If you need to survive or find yourself in a survival situation.

Each day can be broken into two parts, ensuring that once the sun rises your efforts are directed to staying alive to see it set and once the sun sets to see it rise again. It is better to prevent Survival than to endure it.

The Australian Outback can be a very harsh and unforgiving place if you are ill prepared.

When you are prepared to survive you will never need to.

The temperatures range from 55 degrees Celsius to minus 5 degrees Celsius at night.

Water can at times be a very scarce resource and I can assure you the only thing on your mind when you have none, and you feel like you are dying of thirst.

Some parts of the outback only see traffic once a month or less. If you have the true adventurer spirit there are still places that have never been touched by the hand of man. Please be prepared and enjoy your adventure.

The first rule of survival

The first rule of survival is

don’t panic! don’t panic! don’t panic!

You must take stock of your situation.

The survival mnemonic

The survival mnemonic will assist you to avoid immediate panic.

S Size up the situation.

U Undue haste makes waste.

R Remember where you are.

V Vanquish fear and panic.

I Improvise.

V Value living.

A Act like the locals.

L Lean on your basic skills.

emergency shelter


You will need four basic requirements to survive, they are:





In general your priorities will be as listed above, however in some situations you may alter them to suit the arid zones of Australia.

Shelter may become your number one priority if sufficient water is available. If you have taken the precaution of notifying someone of where you are going and how long you intend to stay, a search will no doubt be conducted to look for you.

Learn more about Outback Australian Survival

SUV Survival Guide

The outback is waiting for you

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