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The Outback of Australia, what is the outback? This is a question I am asked a lot. Some people try to define it as Central Australia within coo-eee of Uluru or Ayres Rock, same big Rock (landmark) different name.

I prefer to think of the Outback as a place in Australia where there is plenty of open space and very few people. This is the Australia we love and believe me there are many places waiting for you.

         Which state of Australia do you want to visit?

First Let me explain just how BIG Australia is for those new to Outback Australia Travel.

For a normal person driving from Perth to Melbourne it would take 5 days of driving doing 8-10 hours per day behind the wheel of you vehicle.

To go from Perth to Darwin it will take another 5 -7 days.

Australia is Big, Bold and Beautiful

My advice for a successful Outback Australia travel adventure, take your time, do loads of research, prepare for your Outback Australia trip and only try to do what is reasonable, do not try to visit so many locations it requires you to be in the car every day, "You will go mad" instead fit in some fishing or an adventure trek in the mountains, then again you could do some mountain biking on the Coast or in the Outback, maybe just sleep on one of our beautiful beaches in the sun or read a book and relax. 

"We only live life once

and this is your time to enjoy it"

If you are crossing Australia try to visit some of Australia's historical sites, or a side trip for an Adventure 4WD tour or for a two day fishing adventure.

My favorite fishing location is Streaky Bay, an hours drive off the Nullarbor Highway, its on the South Australian Side.

Streaky Bay is located on the Great Australian Bight, a beautiful location, great fishing and amazing kayaking or try a deck chair on the beach watching the sun set with a cold beer. My recommendation give the caravan park on the bay a try. A tent on the beach or try cabins near the water just fantastic oh and did I mention, very cheap.

State Maps:

  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory

View The big Australia in a larger map

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