Learn to Sail
on a
Charter Sailboat

How do you learn to sail? for most people this is on the family yacht or a friends Sailboat...

That was no good for me as I only saw the ocean twice before I was old enough to drive. Yes we had Lake's but most of these were dry enough to walk across, I spent more time on a dirt bike than I did a sail boat.

That all changed when I left home, moved to Sydney and got hooked on the ocean. It started with diving and snorkeling.

I quickly worked out that to get to the best diving spots I needed a boat and If I wanted to explore the Pacific then I need a yacht of very deep pockets to feed a motor boat and thats if you can find enough fuel in the small Pacific Islands to feed a large Ocean going motor boat.

Where to Start

I started with a few mates, we hired a small 35 foot monohull Sailboat Charter yacht in the Whitsunday Islands. One of my mates had grown up on yachts sailing every weekend doing races on the family yacht.

We found a firm that we could afford and a yacht that had room for 5 people, we passed the shake down test. Well a least our skipper did, we just got yelled at a lot.

After a few hours of testing and being informed of the dangers, we motored out heading for our first destination, Nara inlet. 

Sail Boat Hire 

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