Leafy Sea Dragons

Leafy Sea Dragons can be found at the Bluff near the town of Victor Harbour in South Australia.  1 hour drive south of Adelaide CBD...

The Bluff is a shore dive

The bluff is only a short 10 minute drive from Victor Harbour to the Bluff. Victor Harbour is a 1 hour drive South of Adelaide in South Australia.

Once you reach Victor Harbour follow the coast to the West until you reach the Bluff. The Bluff is a scenic location with good access to the ocean beach via some some stairs.

Beach Access
Bluff Dive Site

To access the Bluff dive site,  park your car on the right 150m short of the Bluff jetty. There is plenty of parking.

You will find a set of concrete steps leading down to the beach. This is the best access for shore dives.

Once at the beach surface swim toward the jetty, round the corner then go subsurface.

Depart the jetty swimming west in Depths from 2m to 10m. This area has loads of sea life and extensive sea beds of weed for the Leafy Sea Dragons to hide in.

Good Luck finding them...

How to find the Leafys

Just 1 Hour South of Adelaide

Places to Stay

Victor Harbour is a really beautiful little town and its easy to spend a few day here, so why not plan a couple of dives and some sightseeing. Stay local and relax it a slower pace down in Victor Harbour. Enjoy a G&T on the beach we did.

The Comfort Inn was just that comfortable, at the right price and easy access to town for a meal.

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