How To Buy a Yacht

Have you ever asked yourself the question how to Buy a Yacht or how do I buy a yacht, where do I start, what do I need know.

We know how you feel we have been there several times. We have purchased several yachts and helped friends, family and mates to buy another dozen or more yachts, sail boats and motor boats.

This is often one of the biggest financial investments you will make but more importantly if you buy the wrong yacht it could provide you with an opportunity to loose a lot of money, to get very frustrated and possibly end up floating around in a small rubber raft if your lucky. The other alternative is not worth thinking about.

I know how bad it can be when your on a yacht that has a major failure can be imagine being 1600nm South of Tasmania caught in a Antarctic Storm and your steering fails, you then get trapped in pack ice, crushed and find his high end pump system fails. Not Fun.  

Learn how to buy a Yacht

5 Point Plan

Learn How to Buy a Yacht

Our 5 Point Plan click here

5 Point Plan

1.    Your Date To Purchase – Set a Dead Line or You just keep dreaming.

2.    You Want To Sail Where - Set your dream up Now, is this stage one learning to sail or are you buying the dream machine.

3.    Who are You Sailing With – Your Wife, Wife and Kids, Your Racing Crew or Yourself the Solo Adventurer.

4.    Your Preferred Yacht Style –  Monohull, Catamaran, Sloop, Ketch, Fast or Slow.

5.    Your Gear – What you really need.

Buying your first yacht

This is a really big decision, it can be

very daunting

You need a PLAN

Please take the time to ask yourself the

hard questions

  • When Do you LEAVE
  • Where TO
  • WHO’s Going
  • Mono or Multi-hull
  • What you really Need

Once you have answered the above YOU-ME-Them

All end up at HOW Much?

How much you Want to Spend

 Can Spend


How Much You Need to Spend for Your Dream


There are many ways to get that dream yacht. Sadly too many people spend far too much buying a yacht, a yacht that does not meet their sailing needs or a need for a better life.

They buy the dream yacht then find out that they spent far too much. The yacht they purchased looks great but all the gear was worn out or old and not suitable for cruising. I have met several people who have purchased yachts only to find the sailing rig and sails need replacement costing more than the purchase price.

The other all to common story is “I went to a boat show and fell in love with the beautiful yacht, the salesman has included all this stuff and even sailing lessons”.

Really buy a 35 foot production yacht new for just over $250K oh did he mention $25K for electronics, $30k for Sails, $5k for ground tackle and ropes. Lets add another $10k just for stuff, you know dinghy , life jackets, safety gear, radios and many more items.

The yacht and gear might keep you working for another 10 years and by then you are too old or the kids schools fees need paying or like most people you lost interest and purchased a caravan. Boring.

Start Now, Go Now, Act Now

You need to find a way to live your dream NOW.

5 POINT PLAN - Starts Here

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