How Much Does it
Really Cost to Own a Yacht

Ok so you have purchased a yacht, congratulations. How was your survey report? I can only imagine it was very good otherwise why did you buy this yacht?

If you are reading this information

and have not purchased a yacht

then you have some big decisions to make

The research you have put into establishing what you want to do with your yacht, is really important.

If you have not done this you may (Should) consider working this out now.

Check out our guides to find your answers. Click Here

We also have a few Tips (LOTs)


Where To Buy a Yacht

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These are really important questions that you have already answered if you have purchased your dream machine.

if you haven't purchased a yacht yet then do the Bloody work and create your yacht buying plan and checklist, it will save you up to a years wages. 

Well worth a few hours of soul searching and research. Start Now

How Much Does it
Really Cost to Own a Yacht

OK lets start at the beginning, you have signed the paperwork, now how long before they kick you and your beautiful sail boat out on the street?

Mooring the Boat
do you just need
Sail Boat Storage

Tin Tin Moored in Albany Marina $50.00AU per day for 41ft 

Your First Berth or Mooring

Your first question is where are you going to keep this yacht?

The next is what will the Marina charge you? Tip Number 1

Before you sign the paperwork discuss with the current owner and ask what he pays for the berth. He might offer you a great deal just to sell the yacht.

Ok so you cannot own the yacht and have the Marina Berth in another name. 

What about an extended settlement on the Sale or you pay a series of large deposits for an extended settlement.

The last yacht I purchased was located in a marina with a very long waiting list and a very expensive marina berth price. I negotiated with the owner to keep the sale private whilst I organised to have the rig replaced, some sails and other essential equipment replaced.

I stayed on the good books of the marina manager who was a really nice bloke who was often treated like shit by some of his clients, sitting down and chatting to a nice bloke over a couple of beers saved me thousands, I also learnt a lot about the yacht. Most importantly I had the time to get the yacht ready to move the 60nm in open ocean on a reef covered coast.

My shake down sail Identified more problems so I got another two week stay for free while I fixed further problems.

Mooring the Boat and Yacht Storage Costs

Click Here

Ok once you have your marina cost worked out continue.

In Perth Australia a 41ft Monohull cost one of the following:

  • Float mooring in the river - $200 per month
  • Float mooring on the ocean - $350 per month
  • Floating Berth outer Perth - $650 per month
  • Floating Berth inner Perth - $1000.00 per month
  • Double all of the above for Sydney or other big cities
  • Add Half again for a Cat

OK so you have worked out your berth cost's or approximately continue on and we will keep adding to your yearly costs.

Sailboat Insurance
for more information

Click Here

OK once you have your insurance cost (in the above link) worked out you can move on and add further costs to you yearly budget.

In Perth a well built 41 foot alloy Ketch with a good survey report costs:

  • Tin Tin insurance - $1200 per year, this covers
  • Full insurance - Full loss
  • Third Party cover - people running into me or worse me

General Out of Water Maintenance

This can vary on every yacht, this will also vary a lot depending on where you sail and how often.

You annual costs are:


  • Motor oil and filter change 
  • Coolant
  • Grease
  • Motor Belts
  • Bearings
  • Impeller

Sail and Rig:

  • Sail repairs 
  • Sail hardwear
  • Deck hardwear
  • Ropes
  • Blocks


  • Pumps
  • Electrical parts
  • Batteries

I budget on $2000.00 AU if I am not sailing hard don't break anything too valuable. Sailing in big water or the Southern Ocean just double it.

General Out of Water Haul Out

This is just based on length, weight and how many hulls you have.

It will also depend on where you are and how busy they are. 

The other factor is professional marina haul-out or back yard operation. This does not mean the back yarder is cheaper often the professional yard can work out cheaper.

  • 1st Question, are they insured
  • 2nd Question, are the staff qualified on the gear
  • Work out all the cost, as you may find another problem and need to extend on the hard.

Cost 41ft Monohull 15 ton:

  • Rail lift - $200 in / out
  • Travel Lift - up to $700 in / out
  • Pressure wash - upto $300
  • Time on the Hard - upto $100 per day
  • Labour cost - cost per trade not less than $50 per hour
  • Hull sand - a bit of sweat equity
  • Hull paint - upto $1000.00
  • Prop blast /paint - $200.00
  • Anodes - $200.00
  • Cutlass bearing - $200 ish 

I budget on $3000 - $5000AU, I do all the work myself, or at least all the work I can, not because I like getting covered in paint dust and toxic paint but because its my ass floating 100nm from land and I hate swimming.

I trust my work on servicing seacocks and other thru hull fitting. I also always use all the anti-foul paint on the hull, no point leaving some in the tin for later.

How often do you Haul out? 12 month if Racing, 2-3 years if cruising.

I always swim and scrub the hull when I can, this extends my anti-foul.

OK so How much does it

If you are keeping your sail boat in a Marina:

Cost for a 41 Foot monohull

  • It is going to cost you $10,000 - $20,000 per year
  • I budget on $12,000

If you are sailing with occasional Marina visits:

Cost for a 41 Foot monohull

  • It is going to cost you $5,000 - $10,000 per year
  • I budget on $10,000 again providing I break nothing.

Life is Short
you only Live Once  
Start Banking Memories

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