Daylesford Victoria

A short 50 minute drive from Melbourne along the Western Highway is the town of Daylesford here you will find another historic Gold mining town. There is also some great scenery, solid old buildings and plenty of new and interesting food.

There are a number of historical wonders, natural mineral springs and a number of spa retreats and holistic health services. Whether you visit for the gold prospecting history or a of relaxing massage at one of the many retreats, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has plenty for a good fun weekend away. .

Daylesford Victoria

The town boasts a huge variety and type of accommodation for the family holidaymakers. There are several spas and retreats where you can take a rest and have yourself pampered at the in-house spa's. Many are set in beautiful locations where you will enjoy country sceneries straight from your bedroom window.


Daylesford still maintains the look and feel of the early swiss-italian miners and, with its high rainfall, has a lush green look. If you are looking for a relaxing or romantic getaway then Daylesford may be just what you need.

If you drive up on a Sunday, head for the popular Daylesford Sunday Market where you can sort through bric and brac and other things of old to find your own treasures.

A tour of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

With Jack

Farmers Markets

Daylesford Farmer’s Market is also worth visiting, selling all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Daylesford is also home to many interesting and colourful visitors.

Daylesford also has a Historical Society Museum this features impressive displays of the city’s history, the Aboriginal and the colonial past.

The Convent Church is also an iconic landmark and a great photo opportunity in downtown Daylesford. You will also find many other church's in the town area. There are also many other attractions include the botanic gardens, galleries and shopping opportunities.


Famous for its springs and mineral waters, Daylesford is now becoming known for spas and massages. You can expect to find a range of treatments such as facials, remedial, deep tissue massage, including ayurvedic, shiatsu and lomi lomi.

Where is it

Daylesford is located 100kms north-west of Melbourne about 70 minutes drive and about 45kms north-east of Ballarat

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