Camera Drone / UAV

Have you been looking for a way to capture simply amazing aerial footage of the Outback. 

Standing on the Roof Racks is OK, Pole cams are better but have you considered a Camera Drone or UAV. 

These little flying machines are now affordable and with technology advances they are also really easy to fly.

This shot was captured off the coast of Lancelin near Wedge Island in Western Australia using a DJI Phantom Drone like the one below.

We were beach fishing using the drone to look for schooling fish.

We also used the Drone to look for passable 4x4 routes off the beach to drive around boggy areas covered in weed and when the tide came in.

Lancelin Beach, for more information on Flying Camera click here

Camera Drone Uses

There are so many applications for camera drones, everyday a new application is developed, from simple photos to launching your fishing bait off steep cliffs chasing big game fish.

We have used our camera drone for finding tracks that have been washed away in floods, flown over old stations to find overgrown outbuildings when looking for history.

Our camera drone has proven useful for hunting wild pigs in the outback. 

Fly you camera drone up to several hundred feet and fly out over thick forest or swamp country, pigs cannot hide from a camera drone.

The ultimate Travel Drone is super small, easy to fly and dirt cheap. You can buy this direct for under $1000.00

Outback Photos

Sunset at Waverock in Western Australia, fly high above any terrain to get the one shot you want. I could have walked to the top of the rock but I just few my drone up there instead.

Try a professional Drone such as the Inspire 2 just below

Outback Videos

Get the ultimate handheld video using your

phone and a DJI OSMO

Our boy Jack may be trapped in a wheelchair but we try very hard not to let this limit his opportunities and his ability to explore this beautiful Outback.

Where it is just to dangerous for Jack off-road wheelchair we use his Camera Drone to explore these places. Jack has filmed wild surf and watched his mates having fun. He has flown over rivers and watched Dolphins up close as they chase fish and in this video Jack flies into a cave that only has access by rope. 

Please enjoy his short video.

Link to Utube video

My Camera Drone

I have been using fixed wing UAV's to take photos for 10 years, they are great if you have plenty of time to prepare your UAV and get it into the air or want to fly for long periods and big distanced.

The last 3 years has seen a massive development in Hover Drone technology or quad copters. 

I have not used a fixed wing UAV since I purchased a flying camera drone, these really are the perfect camera drones when working from a SUV or 4x4 in the Aussie outback. They are small, easy to fly and fit into a small space in the boot.

My drone fits into a small pelican case with all the gear I need for my outback photos.

For More on where I purchased my Drone

Photos from Places we have Visited

Boat Ramp Augusta, Western Australia

Hamlin Bay, Western Australia

leeuwin Lighthouse, Western Australia 

Watershed Winery, Western Australia

Burma Railway Bridge, filmed with my Travel Drone on Holidays in Thailand.

Cott Beach Western Australia. This shot taken 150m offshore and at 15m off the surface of the ocean.

Kings Park, Western Australia. Taking shots of the the river at about 20m above the car park

For more info on Camera Drones

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