Bundaberg Distillery

Bundaberg Rum or Bundy was first produced in Bundaberg in 1989 and has continued to this day as an Australian Icon. 

Why visit the Bundy Rum Site?

You like rum or want your photo taken with the big bottle. It has good parking and a cafe.

It can also have people who have over indulged in the tasty brown liquid. There are two types of bundy drinkers the happy drunk and the angry drunk. It was the case on my recent visit I encountered both and not limited to the male of the species sadly. 

Good for a photo or tour the facility, may not be the best for kids. It is Wheel chair friendly.

Rum is often cheaper at Dan Murphys, its also not an Australian business any more, it is owned by the English. So yes I still drink it, like, it but I will shop around before I send profits offshore.

Places to stay in Bundy Town

There are loads of options so please shop around and enjoy a beer or a rum at this iconic Aussie town.

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