Broome Western Australia

Cable Beach

Broome is located at the southern tip of the Kimberley region on a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Roebuck Bay.

Broome is 2250 kilometres north of Perth and 1885 kilometres south of Darwin, this remote location was once the pearling capital of the world.

The harvesting of oysters for mother of pearl started around the 1880s and rich pearling grounds were found off the coast. By 1925, the peak of the trade, there were 350 luggers with 3000 men working out of Broome.

Many of the good divers were Japanese and there was an appalling death rate as they often dived to more than 27 metres.

In 1889, an under sea telegraph was laid from Broome to Singapore, connecting to England. The landfall site, seven kilometres from town, was named Cable Beach.

Cable beach is over 22 km long with beautiful white sand washed clean daily by tides that can reach over nine metres. Cable Beach has been recognised as one of the five best beaches in the world with its crystal clear turquoise water , and gentle swells that hardly manage to topple over as they roll up onto the almost perfectly flat beach.

It is the the ideal place to watch the sunset on a balmy, tropical night with the family having a BBQ out the back of your 4WD on the beach.

Broome's extremely low tides between March and October create a natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon. For three days after the full moon from March to October, reflections stretch out across shiny mudflats creating the beautiful illusion of a long silver staircase.

Another interesting natural attraction is Gantheaume Point, where you can see dinosaur footprints believed to be more than 130 million years old when the tide is very low.

Anastasia’s Pool is also nearby, a small pool blasted from the sandstone with explosives by a pearler who wanted to make a safe bathing place for his arthritic wife.

Broome has a pioneering feel to it and is an exciting place to visit, it is like nowhere else in Australia. It is also the gateway to the Kimberleys, and you can explore Broome on a 4WD adventure or fly in and hire a car or take a tour.

Cable Beach Colors of Sunset

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