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Australia is an amazing country to travel around.  So, what are you waiting for? Why not pack up your family and take an outback trip?  Together you will discover many great adventures and stumble across unspoilt places that are off the beaten track. 

  • To travel and visit these great places all you need is time
  • A plan of where to go and
  • Some basic outback skills to get you there safely


Midday Lunch in Never Never Land

Family Adventures in the Land that Time Forgot

As intrepid explorers, we want to share our passion for travel and adventure and inspire you to go walkabout in the great Australian Outback with your family and friends.  With our help, you can travel safely to remote locations, learn how to get the most from your 4WD vehicle and source the right gear for your holiday adventure; this is especially important because we want to show you how to travel comfortably, even if you're on a budget.  Planning your outback adventure may seem a little daunting at first, but we've done the hard work for you and you will learn how to navigate your way to exciting outback destinations and learn the fundamental knowledge and local survival techniques that you need to know before you find yourself in a worst-case scenario.

Our website contains all this information and more.  The aim is to help you plan and organise your holiday adventure and provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to travel safely and confidently with your family.  Included in this website is our very useful, FREE Outback Skills Guide, this is just a sample of the type of information you will find in our "How to Guides" available for download on this site.

All you need is a sense of humour


and some basic knowledge to explore this vast land safely. 

In this website, we take a common sense approach and provide you with useful and informative information that will give you the skills to travel safely no matter what your budget. 


This website contains information for those that are willing to travel to distant and or isolated places, such as Kangaroo Island.

Places that most people never get to see or explore.  Just remember on to have fun, enjoy life, explore amazing places, take great photos and meet loads of interesting people. 

Meeting the Locals on the Jetty at Kingston - Kangaroo Island 

We have some great Adventures

waiting Just for YOU...

On the Great Central Road Australia

Yes there are Even Sign Posts in the Outback


Have you ever thought to yourself "I just want to pack it all in and head off on a camping adventure?"  Well what's stopping you?  Is it money, time or know how??  Here at Outback Australian Adventures and Travel it is our job to provide you with the best reference guides for your exciting Aussie Outback Adventure.  You can travel in the outback (fully prepared) and with confidence knowing we are only a mouse click away.  

Think of us as your "outback mate".  We're here to provide you with ideas on "Where to go, How to get there, What planning you need to consider and How to prepare your car and trailer". We also provide plenty of outback training tips in our 4WD Self Help Guides.  This is all important information as many offroad adventures require driving long distances on unsealed roads so it pays to be prepared and know how to stay safe and recover your vehicle, if worse case happens.  Tourists often find themselves lost or in danger because they have failed to plan or consider worst case scenario.

These information guides are provided in PDF and video format.  We even teach you things like - "How to replace trailer bearings in the middle of the Gunbarrel Highway" (considered one of Australia's most famous and challenging four wheel drive tracks).  Our aim is to ensure you are prepared for any trip you undertake and have the vital knowledge you need that could possibly even save your life.

After watching our videos on "How To Prepare and Maintain your Vehicle and Camper Trailer" you'll have the confidence to go the extra mile and explore that bit further.  You can also download a copy of the easy to follow 'Step by Step' videos for future reference.

Even simple things like preparing your car for a safe family weekend away requires some forward thinking and planning; We take nothing for granted because we understand that people come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of experience; A lot of outback adventurers wanting to explore the great outdoors are city dwellers that are unfamiliar with the perils of travelling in remote country.  We say don’t let fear stop you!  Take your family and friends and enjoy all the sights that this amazing country has to offer.  There any many beautiful, unspolit destinations to explore in the  great Australian Outback or if exploring the turquoise waters off our coast is more your style, visit one of our many pristine beach locations such as Rainbow Beach that offer both privacy and seclusion. 

Remember, it may look like paradise - but Australian waters can be deadly. Even Tiny jelly fish can harm you if you are ill-prepared.  Before venturing out, make sure you have the basic skills and knowledge to navigate your environment safely so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise.

And for all you hardworking Mum's (you know who you are!!) who are just waiting to take off on an Australian Outback Adventure - then fear not! 

You're chariot awaits in your very own SUV (Mum's 4WD tough truck); you know the one I'm referring to, the real 4WD or the modern all wheel drive or crossover/sports utility vehicle; the one that is used as a glorified school bus to ferry our precious cargo to and from school, Monday to Friday.  

With so many Dad's working away (either up North or overseas), it's often left up to good ol' Mum to organise the family holiday (along with everything else!!) 

Are you fed up with expensive resorts and the same old holiday destinations?  Are the kids craving for an adventure holiday of a different kind?  Then why not be bold?  Mum's (with our help and access to our Preparation Guides) you can plan your very own FAMILY CAMPING HOLIDAY ADVENTURE of a lifetime!  Just pick Dad up from the airport as he flys in and head North to the outback for an adventure of a different kind; or if Dad can't make it - just send him the photos - I'll bet he will be on the first plane out.

So how do you prepare for and take the kids away on holiday safely, without losing all your hair to stress??  Our "Mum and Kids Family Adventure Guide" is only a few videos away.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

It’s all in the 3 P’s.




Rest assured, we provide so many tips on how to prepare for a safe and enjoyable family adventure, that all that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy the whole experience.  Let's not forget your "Outback Mate" which is a simple mouse click away on your laptop if the going gets tough!  

Our "How to Adventure Guides" cover everything from the basics, like learning how to check the oil and water in your vehicle, to changing a tyre, checking tyre pressure, picking the right camp site and even how to light a fire so you can enjoy a hearty meal like "Outback Damper" (see recipe) that is so easy, even the kids can make it.


The Four Wheel Drive that most people drive is an all wheel drive 4WD or soft off roader.  They are reasonably affordable and offer great road handling in a variety of conditions.  They are generally good on fuel (especially if they have a diesel engine) they also come in many shapes and sizes.  

What about cost?  Well, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a $50,000.00 Subaru Forester or a $150,000.00 BMW X5; in terms of off-road capability, SUV's generally have the same limitations as normal road cars and even some larger 4x4's regardless of what they cost to buy.  

These include vehicle ground clearance, tyres, fuel tank size, motor, driveline and available storage.  On this site we provide plenty of planning tools on How to Prepare Your Vehicle, What To Take and even Where To Go.  Many soft offroader vehicles will go places you never thought possible, all it takes is a little careful driving and good route selection.

Camping in the Outback on the Gunbarrel

Moly and Family Camping in the Middle of the Outback

Together with our help, your focus will be on having fun and enjoying your Australain Outback Adventure with your family.  Rather than spending the whole week digging your 4WD out of sandy bogs or paying someone else a handsome price to get you out of a sticky situation you will be confidently getting about in the great outdoors enjoying the drive, fishing, camping or rock climbing.  This means quality time and enjoyment doing something different and seeing something new!

Our tip: Plan your trip and then enjoy your plan

 There is also a whole section on What to Take and more importantly What Not To Take.  An overloaded vehicle is dangerous, the car uses more fuel and your 4WD gets bogged more easily and more often.  Be careful to choose a holiday destination or driving adventure that's appropriate to your vehicle and family's needs.


There is a whole section on How To Drive in Different Conditions, Key Things To Consider, and most importantly - When to Get Out and Walk The Track Ahead.

Understanding and recognising the importance of this has prevented us from getting bogged many a time.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boggy muddy track, deep sand ruts or driving in snow and ice, a little prevention and preparation is all you need. 


We’ll discuss this in great depth in the 4WD Recover Section.

You don’t need Expensive Recovery Gear

You do not need expensive recovery gear unless your travel adventures are listed as EXTREME 4WD.  For most adventure weekends and adventure holidays, a small amount of suitable equipment, a common sense approach coupled with sound preparation, is what will bring you and your family back safely.

Jack Fishing on the

Black wood River, Western Australia

No-one said it’s going to be easy, but that's why God blessed us with brains so we can IMPROVISE and FIND OTHER SOLUTIONS

One of my favourite activities to do with my own son who has disabilities is fishing, we use our big red canoe to explore the lakes and rivers.  I've added a supportive seat for him and an electric motor for me. This means I have a spare hand so that I can concentrate on helping him catch the illusive big fish. It also beats paddling into a head wind!

jacks big red canoe

Jacks Big Red electric canoe

The Blackwood River, Western Australia

Having travelled and lived all over Australia, we now live in Western Australia.  We Started this Website to include adventures for people that require Wheelchair Access or disabled access and that are suitable for wheelchair travel.  

Sandy tracks are definitely a challenge and a real pain in the butt as the wheels on my sons offroad chair get bogged easily.  We have recently acquired a new mobility stroller called an

Ottobock Kimba Cross - Offroad wheelchair Base.  

This provides Great offroad wheelchair access as it is lower to the ground and has a wider base, providing stability and has bigger tyres to trek through the sand and gravel.

These days our Australian National Parks and camping areas are better suited for wheelchair access.  Ramps are featured and most public toilets do have wheelchair access.

There are even tree top walks that enables wheelchair access; my son and other kids just loved this adventure.  Wheeling around the tree-tops provides a great sensory experience and sense of freedom.  

Our little boy had a smile from ear to ear!


You will find plenty of information on

Adventure Travel Tours and

Camping Around Australia on a Budget

There are great tips for CHEAP TRAVEL flying around Australia, taking the train, or catching an Outback Adventure Bus
. Most of these trips and tours are very affordable and will fit into any budget.

The best way to see this vast country

(in my opinion)

is still driving or sailing around Australia

With our help you can "Learn how to confidently select a suitable vehicle", "How much to pay and what to look for" so that you don’t buy a worn out lemon (aka, very dodgy car).  

Once you’ve decided how to get around, now decide where to go and how long to stay. There are so many amazing locations, depending on how much time you have. The Clock is Ticking.... 

Gear Guide

To get the most out of travelling around Australia, you are going to need some 4WD and Camping Equipment.  Too often, people get suckered into purchasing a range of expensive, new equipment just because some commission based salesman convinced them it was essential.

Do yourself a favour and before you decide to part with your hard earned cash - read our "Gear Guide".  Buy only the gear you need.

 Don’t spend money

on expensive equipment and gear you’ll never need nor use.  

Also, consider the money you'll save on fuel by not carrying an extra 100-500kg of stuff you will never need.

A light vehicle means less wear and tear on parts

less fuel consumed

and best of all not getting bogged!

Download our
"Outback Travel Adventure Gear Guide" for you and your vehicle.

Cheap Accommodation, Cheap Flights, Cheap Camper Vans, Cheap Hire Cars, Cheap Food, Cheap National Parks Access and many other money saving ideas to help your hard earned cash go a lot further.

You’ll find extensive guides to Australian Caravan Parks and Camp Grounds, there are also thousands of FREE PLACES TO CAMP.  Some are located on the most beautiful rivers and oceans in the world.

But be warned!  Just be careful up North, as you may need to share your Camp ground with one of our very friendly Crocodiles

They have a fearsome reputation

Some just say they are just a little misunderstood!! 

fishing kalbarri

Beach fishing WA

There are thousands of kilometers of beach fishing to be found in Australia

We love to include a spot of fishing on our outback adventures, there’s nothing like a freshly caught fish for dinner, after a great day out exploring our beautiful country.

There is nothing better than throwing a line in the water waiting for dinner to bite whilst sitting back taking in the view and enjoying a cold beer; all of this and more at the end of another amazing day on your Australian Outback Adventure. I provide Fishing Tips from the worlds worst fisherman, me!


Outback Survival it's all in the mind.

You can survive in any situation, anywhere in the world as long as you have the right mental approach.

You will also need a few survival tips on what to do.

With over 20 years teaching and using Outback Australian Survival Techniques, we have plenty of interesting tips on how to survive and where to find REAL BUSH TUCKER, find WATER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT and even HOW TO MAKE A FIRE with several proven easy methods, the kids will love this. Do a little practice and you will be able to make a fire in next to no time.

Just make sure the kids or your mates are filming your fire-making demo to the Kids, you might as well get some leverage from that new found skill.

Gone Sailing

Rainbow Beach, Qld

We went Sailing, it was time to explore Australia by yacht. We purchased a yacht, refitted the yacht and went sailing. Our last trip we sailed 7000km from Perth to Qld through the Southern Ocean.

Yep we have had loads of adventures trying to stay above the waterline.

Visit our sailing BLOG, we have loads of information on:

And yes we have had a few adventures from losing the motor halfway across the Great Australian Bight, near miss's with big black ships, snapping mooring lines in the middle of a gale and even surviving getting ship wrecked in Antarctica.

Yachting 101

Let us share all our
Sailing Secrets
Yachting Tips
Special Anchorages

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


rock climbing W.A

Rock Climbing on Sea Cliffs
West Cape Howe, Albany, Western Australia

We are mad keen rock climbers who now have families.  You’ll find plenty of Australian Outback Adventures that include abseiling and rock climbing for the family.  Included is our Classic Climbs - Australia Guide with plenty of video footage. There are very few climbing venues (crags) places we haven’t visited in Australia, if it’s vertical, then we've been there for a look and a scramble.

Australia has a vast ski area roughly the size of Switzerland. There are some amazing Alpine Outback places that are so easy to visit and explore on skis. Try an Australian Outback skiing (Nordic touring style) Adventure.

We discuss SNOW SHOE ADVENTURES for the whole family, snowshoeing is easy to learn and master.  Next time you venture up to the mountains, consider some BACK COUNTRY ADVENTURES, if isolation is what you crave - you can be less than 5km from the local Ski resorts and not see a single person all week.

So take the family up to the mountains for a cheap holiday then why not try some back country snowshoeing.  We have over 20years experience Skiing and Trekking the Australian High Country, you’ll find plenty of Ski Adventure tips, information on places to go, 'How To Guides' including how to build a snow cave or put up a tent in the snow.  We also have videos and ice climbing tips and techniques and there are (lots) of video and photos on climbing around Australia and the world - Alaska, Antarctica, Russia, Norway just to mention a few.

This site will provide you with invaluable information, answers to frequently asked questions, tips and techniques that you will need to create an enjoyable Australian Outback Adventure, do it safely and enjoy all this amazing country Australia has to offer.
We do and we LOVE IT!

Summit Day, Climb Aires Rock in the Northern Territory, we did

Rock climbing Aires Rock Australia

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